We are sad to inform you that our committee had to make a tough decision and cancel our games tomorrow (both women’s and men’s matches).

Albeit we would legally still be allowed to play tomorrow, rugby is a sport with strong values, with utmost respect for the wellbeing of our society and always positioned as a role model amongst sports. As a rugby club we feel obliged to not wait for the government’s announcement tomorrow, but proactively cancel our matches and contribute to the wellbeing of our society!

As you all know, the covid numbers are currently rising exponentially with an all-time high of 5600 new cases today. Our government’s press conference yesterday confirmed that our health system will start to struggle at 6000 new infections per day and that this number would jeopardize the availability of emergency beds – it looks like this number will most probably be reached this weekend. Additionally, we have consulted a virologist and our club’s doctors for making an informed decision.

Yes, we have been testing our players before all our matches so far with a covid rapid test (antigene test) and we are thankful for all the support we have had so far to play the game we love so much. Nevertheless, players need to get to/from the match venue and newly contracted covid infections might not be shown, and with the current numbers, we do not want to risk the health of our players, our opponent’s players, their families and the public.

Rest assured that our women and men trained hard and were very much looking forward to play tomorrow, but as stated above, the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone are more important.